• Superior Equipment

    ♦Fenced in parking area for up to ten cars
    ♦ADT security system and cameras
    ♦Estimating program, CCC ONE, SHOP
    ♦New spray booth (ZHONGDA ISO 9001—full down- —
    draft, heated)
    ♦PPG (DBC) Double set mixing bank
    ♦Scanner for Match Paint Prophet II
    ♦Frame Machine CHIEF TITAN 360°
    ♦Full set measurement system CHIEF S21
    Laser measurement system
    ♦Pulling accessories CHIEF S21
    MILLER SYNCROWAVE 250DX (Stainless steel, alumi­num)
    ♦Full dent repair tools
    ♦Two-column lift
    ♦AC equipment ROBINAIR 34700Z
    ♦Headlamp Aimer VISION 100
    ♦Laptop computer for on-site estimates
    ♦Digital imaging equipment
    SNAP ON tire machine and balance up to 24”
    SNAP ON Solus Ultra diagnostic system for
    American, Japan, European cars and trucks
    ♦24 hour towing (flat bed)